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PVC structure,  3D printed hand,  electronics,  leather suit

Collaboration with Daniel Goodman and Alice Huang from Human+Computer workshop series. We all came from Mechanical Engineering background and tried to explore the combination of art and technology in this project.

This idea came about after we talked about wearable computing and found there were very few technologies that dealt with foot control. How about a third arm assisting people with daily work and free the other two hands? We were interested in exploring the possibilities and scenarios involving different body structures. With a third arm, could we dance and play the drum set? What would it mean to hug someone with a third arm?


From an artistic standpoint, we are changing our body and approaching design in a bio-mechanical sense. The idea of the cyborg has been around for decades, but how has it influenced normal life? We want people to think about how their life would change when they have one more (robotic) arm. How is technology developed, for the sake of technology or for people?

We used Matlab to generate the angles of each motor on different hand motions. Users could control the third arm by pointing their right feet, and the motions will be synchronously mapped to the arm.

tumblr_n14hfsHQLL1rgxx0no1_1280Audience interacting with the work in exhibition



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