6-8 min performance
Bone conduction sound massage, placebo pills, tickle fan, wax chair, light strobes with vibrated hands and touches
Dimension variable

Collaboration work from #hotmilksfoundation

Are you happy today?

Together with a group of friends – scientists, designers, engineers, and artists from MIT- we found an art collective called HOTMILKS Foundation. The collective organized a series of participatory performances in Museum of Fine Art in Boston in 2016. In our recent commissioned piece from the museum, Future Spa, we skipped the unpredictability of the aesthetics and cultures and instead induced some joy directly to the participants with emotional induction techniques learned from science.

The context of the commissioned piece cannot be neglected:
We were invited to perform the piece in their VIP pre-party of the museum’s Summer Party, the annual black tie gala held in the MFA’s elegantly transformed Shapiro Family Courtyard. The VIP ticket is $450 and it includes a dinner reception, live auction, and the performance from us. The event is meant to be entertaining, haut and of course, arty.

Why are we, a group of nerds from MIT, invited to this event? In response to the dissonance and discomfort of us being in part of the event, we decided to directly “program” the pleasure and happiness into the distinguished guests.