5 min performance in zero gravity
Device: Aluminum, 3D prints from Formlab, magnet, Nylon string, motors and electronics
Dimension variable

Gravity is the anchorage of all existences on earth. It pulls the chaotic world to one single point in every moment of life. In a weightless state, our body completely loses the control; movements can no longer occur by “walking”. If we take a glance at the universe, it is inevitable to question the possibilities and seek alternatives for us.

Orbit Weaver is a series of radical explorations on body motions in the outer space.
Orbit Weaver — Body is my first action.

Inspired by the three-dimension moving patterns of arachnids,  I created an on-body device which casts a string and reels myself in, in zero gravity. The design enables me to regain the control of my body and move three-dimensionally.

Zero Gravity Performance

My first performance of the live body experience was on November 17th, 2017 in the parabolic flight operated by Zero-G Corp. During each zero-gravity period(~20 seconds), I performed the shooting and winding of strings and drag my body forward.

Orbit Weaver (2017) shooting

Orbit Weaver (2017) reeling in

The project is partially sponsored by MIT Media Lab: https://www.media.mit.edu/posts/rhapsody-in-zero-g/

Flight suit designed by MIT Media Lab directors’ fellow Andrea Lauer.