5 min performance in zero gravity
Device: Aluminum, 3D prints from Formlab, magnet, Nylon string, motors and electronics
Dimension variable

Gravity anchors all existence on Earth. It pulls a chaotic world to one single point in every moment of life. Even though gravity is everywhere and unending, for most of the universe, vast empty space dominates, leaving us free from gravity’s tether. Is the weightless state a moment of true autonomy or does the ungrounded body simply lose control?
地球上的所有存在都被重力牢牢得牵制着。但在浩渺的宇宙空间里,广阔无垠的真空战胜了无处不在的万有引力,使我们摆脱了引力的束缚。 失重状态下,世间万物变得自治自由?还是无根无蒂的,失去控制?

In a weightless state, the Earth body completely loses control; movements can no longer occur by “walking”. If we take a glance at the universe, it is inevitable that we question the possibilities and seek alternatives. It is time to expect an interplanetary body, a body free from the grasps of gravity.

Inspired by the three-dimensional mobility of arachnids, we propose a design that enables the weightless entity to regain control of its body and move freely through space.
受到蛛形生物在三维空间移动模式的启发, 我们的方案设计让零重力个体在三维空间中重获对自我的控制。

Orbit Weaver is a series of radical explorations of the motions of an entity in the vast emptiness.


Zero Gravity Performance

My first performance of the live body experience was on November 17th, 2017 in the parabolic flight operated by Zero-G Corp. During each zero-gravity period(~20 seconds), I performed the shooting and winding of strings and drag my body forward.



OW-BODY is an on-body device which integrates functions of shooting, and winding a string to drag its wearer through space. Once the end of the string is attached to a stable surface, the wearer can drag themselves and navigate spatially with minimal impetus due to the zero-gravity environment.


Orbit Weaver Suit is designed by MIT Media Lab directors’ fellow Andrea Lauer.

Special Thanks to:
MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative
Brian Mayton
Gershon Dublon
Hosea Siu