Wearable sculpture
Bone Conduction Speaker, 3D printed structure, electronics

How do I perceive myself?


Masque is a psychoacoustic device that manipulates the user’s perception of his/her own respiration by providing a false auditory feedback.

Users hear synchronized respiration sound from Masque as their own and react naturally to the synthetic bodily signals.  By deliberately misrepresenting its wearer’s sense of their own breathing, Masque can help individuals regulate their emotions, causing them to become either excited or calm without any explicit instructions or stimuli given.

With a fast and high precision temperature sensor, Masque detects respiration and plays back a synchronous breathing sound through built-in bone conduction headphones. It can regulates a user’s anxiety by providing false feedback of a slow-pace breath, as well as cause excitement with a fast, heavy breathing sound. Masque makes use of respiration as the key to connect with and influence the inner self.