Xin Liu (刘昕, born in Xinjiang, 1991) media artist and engineer.

Conventionally trained as an engineer, I found comfort from the tedious activities of programming, machining, and calculation. Physics and mathematics circles around my life, out of which I dare to create a moment/object of affection: synthesized tear of my own to share with the audience, a collection of internet worker tearing up for me, a psychoacoustic mask that causes arousal with faked respiration, a spa where there is only happiness induced, walking straight with a sand tank to measure time, a sensory film of being a tree….



Xin is awarded to be a Van Lier Fellow at Museum of Arts and Design in 2018. She also works as an Art Curator in the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative.



SXSW Interactive Innovation Award Exhibition, Austin, USA

Global Grab Show – Dubai Design Week, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Right to Re– in the UCSC pavilion for The Wrong Biennial
Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, NYC
Das andere Ich/ The Other I – Ars Electronica Festival – Linz, Austria
Annual of Contemporary Art of China 2016 – Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China
Summer Party Performance in Koch Gallery — Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston, USA
Wearable Technology in Fashion Film Screening – ASVOFF9, Sofia, Bulgaria
Virtual Arcade – Tribeca Film Festival, Manhattan, NY
New Frontier – Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah

Art Scholar show — Wiesner Gallery in MIT, Cambridge, MA
mfaNOW Overnight: College Edition/Last Call — Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA
29th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium — Tokyo, Japan
Skrin Performance with Viktoria Modesta — Music Tech Festival, Berlin, Germany
Tear Series — International Symposium on Electronic Art, Hong Kong, China

The Ballad of Generation Y — OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai, China
10th anniversary of Information Design —- Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Body as Interface with Xin LIU —- Eyebeam, Manhattan, NY
The Energy Propagated — International Symposium on Electronic Art, Toronto, Canada
It’s Never As It Seems — Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY
RISD Grad Graduation Exhibition — Convention Center, Providence, RI
Body + Internet Curation — Exposé, Providence RI & Industry Lab, Boston, MA
Synthetic Zero Event — BronxArtSpace, Bronx, NY

8th International TEI Conference — LMU, Munich Germany
Human + Computer — Exposé, Providence RI

All That Glitters Is Not LEDs —- Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence RI
Exhibition of Undergraduate College Artwork —- Beijing, China

Beijing Fashion Design Week —- Beijing, China
The New Spotlight in International Design Week — Shenzhen, China



AR in Action, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, USA

Future Innovator Summit at Ars Electronica , Linz, Austria
Tech To Reconnect, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, USA
Eyeo Festival, Minneapolis, USA
Global Virtual Reality Conference, Shanghai, China
23rd International Symposium on Electronic Art and XVI International Image Festival (Joint Schedule), Manizales, Colombia
Nature Summit, Washington DC, USA

AEDA “Cognitive Immersion”, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, NYC, USA
Technology + Fashion: Projects for Tomorrow and Today Panel Discussion, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston, USA

ANTHOLOGY9, Providence, USA
New England Graduate Media Symposium, Boston, USA



The Creators Project, VICE – 刘昕用一套电子机械设备演示了如何在零重力环境下移动
Dubai Design Week – TreeSense by Yedan Qian and Xin LIU
What’s On – Dubai Design Week is back: Here are 6 awesome exhibits to check out
Dezeen – MIT researchers develop tattoo inks that could act as health trackers
CBS News – Color-changing tattoos aim to monitor blood sugar, other health stats
Forbes – Epic Virtual Reality Experiences at Tribeca Film Festival Through April 30th
Wired Italy – TreeSense, la realtà virtuale per trasformarsi in un albero
FastCoDesign – Escape From The Horror Of 2017 By Becoming A Tree
The New York Times – At Sundance, the Theme Is Climate Change
Motherboard VICE – Wave Emojis at Your Friends with Velcro LEDs
Wired Germany – Hinter den Kulissen von Viktoria Modestas transhumaner Bühnenshow
The Art Newspaper Issue 41 – 艺术与科技之间,谁在探索未来,谁在下达指令?
CAFA Art Info – “The Ballad of Generation Y
Adafruit –Turn Your Body Into an Interface Using Conductive Ink
SinoVision TV channel – Xin LIU: Art Through Technology
RISD Media – Positively Mesmerizing
Vision Magazine – 2015 Spring Issue
Our RISD — Tech-forward Design
Scientific American — Exploring “Transhumanism”
CCTV10 — The Light of Technology < Wearing Technology>



2018 Pioneer Works Residency (UPCOMING)
2018 Artist Studio in Museum of Arts and Design, Manhattan, NY (CURRENT)
2016 Industry Lab Artist in Residency
2015 Wagon Station Encampment organized by Andrea Zittel



Van Lier Fellowship in Museum of Arts and Design, NY
Best Paper Honorable Mention, ISWC 2017
Fast Company Innovation by Design Award 2017, 3 Honorable mention (Student category)
Fast Company Innovation by Design Award 2017, 2 Honorable mention (Experimental category)
Core 77 Interaction Design Award, Student Runner Up (Second Price)
MIT Art Council Grant 2016-2017
Best Paper Award, Augmented Human Conference 2015
RISD scholarship and fellowship 2013-2015
RISD grad student conference fund 2014
Distinguished overseas student from Xinjiang, nominated by the Chinese consulate in New York 2014



Research Intern, Fuse Lab, Microsoft Research NYC 2015
Instructor, Body + Internet, MIT+RISD+Brown 2015
Instructor, Paranoid East, RISD 2015
Research Intern, Project Jacquard, Google ATAP 2014
Research Intern, HCI Group, Microsoft Research Asia 2013
Research Assistant, Tsinghua Art and Science Media Laboratory  2012
Teaching Assistant, Next Generation of Wearables with Soojun Ham and Sara Hendren, RISD 2014



MIT Media Lab, Master of Science – Fluid Interfaces Group
Rhode Island School of Design, Master of Fine Arts – Digital + Media
Tsinghua University, Bachelor of Engineering – Precision Instrument and Control Technology
Tsinghua University, Bachelor of Arts – Entertainment Design



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