Intimate Couple is an exploration with fashion designer Haitao Liu on how fashion technology could affect intimate social interactions.

Holding hands, hugging, intertwining their arms and clasping round the waist are intimate physical interactions between lovers.  These affectionate contacts provide a bond of intimacy and deepen our connection to others. A sense of the special one is romantic. We want our cloth to detect the hands of each other, change its structure, and only open pockets for the loved one to get closer.

Our design of pockets were developed through observations on intimacy actions in daily life and prototype experimentation with lovers. The shoulder pockets and waist pockets on women as well as chest pockets on man are studied to be the natural positions where the hands prefer to rest between lovers.

Technically, RFIDs, electromagnets and LilyPad are used to sense hands and open the pockets. TPE fabric leaves a futuristic aesthetics in design while it could prevent heat from long-time use of electromagnets.

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