Thrilled to share that three of my projects in 2017 won 5 honorary mentions ⭐️in FastCompany Innovation by Design Award: Masque ( experimental & student categories); TreeSense ( experimental & student categories) ; Dermal Abyss ( student category)









Two of my projects are exhibited this year at Ars Electronica.

I am selected as the Van Lier Fellow in the Artist Studios Program for the session February – May 2018 in the Museum of Arts and Design.

I am selected to join the Future Innovators Summit this year during Ars Electronica. Look forward to seeing everyone in Linz!

I will be visiting Kakehi Lab in Keio University (part of ERATO) for the summer of 2017. Please visit me in Yokohama and Tokyo this July!

My series of exploration on body in 2016 is honored to be included in The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China.
—— 有幸被邀参与在2016中国艺术年鉴展

Glad to be included in the panel discussion at the 2017 Global Virtual Reality Conference —— 参与今年在上海举办的第二届虚拟现实大会。

Thrilled to speak at Eyeo Festival 2017 where I will, for the first time, present my thesis work Altering the Perception of Self

Our paper “The Dermal Abyss: Interfacing with the Skin by Tattooing Biosensors” is ACCEPTED for publication as a LONG paper (8 pages, incl. references) at ISWC 2017.

TreeSense won the Student Runner Up ( second price) in Core 77 Interaction Design. Now please vote for us for the Community Choice Prize!!!!!!!! 

Dermal Abyss got featured by CBSDezeen,  FastCoDesign, MotherBoard VICE among many other press.

On June 5th, I will join Laura Bowker (Material Exploration), Sol Guy (Music Producer), Jungles in Paris (Nature & Culture Storyteller) at a panel in the Nature Summit moderated by renowned adventurer and environmental storyteller, David de Rothschild.

Skrin has been selected to be screened at ASVOFF9 Sofia, Bulgaria, 9th-11th June, in the section Wearable Technology in Fashion Film curated by Alexandra Murray-Leslie.

The Dermal Abyss: Possibilities of Biosensors as a Tattooed Interface have been ACCEPTED to be presented during the joint schedule of the 16th International Image Festival – ISEA2017.

My collaboration work TreeSense with Yedan Qian featured in FastCo.Design and Wired Italy

My collaboration with Yedan Qian, Miliac Zec and Winslow Turner Porter III is bringing bodily experience into virtual reality and guide people into the dream of a TREE. Our TREE had its premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2017, and will be showing in TriBeCa Film Festival 2017.
Our tactile experience has been favored in numerous press articles:
Forbes “this experience features wind, fire, and smells, helpfully provided by a team member who stage manages the real world elements to enhance the immersion of the experience. I loved the earth smell that accompanied me from seedling to sapling. “
New York Times “Once they are wearing headsets, participants will be made to feel as if they are rising through dirt, sprouting branches and, finally, basking in the sun as a full-grown tree.”
TechCrunch “In Tree, you start your experience by planting a real seed in a box of soil. Inside the headset while wearing a subwoofer backpack, you become that seed, watching and feeling as you grow from beneath the ground and sprout into a rain forest sapling. As you burst above the canopy, a real-world fan blows cold air in your face, simulating the foggy sky you’re entering. “



Giving a talk at AEDA “Cognitive Immersion”event @ Taipei Economic & Cultural Office


December 9-10 overnight: showing an art installation at the #mfaNOW event in Boston Musems of Fine Arts. A pair of benches that turn secrets, purring, heart beats and all the giggles into vibrations you can feel in your bones.  Organizing this with Gershon Dublon, Adam Horowitz,  Ani Liu and Nicole L’Hillier.


Showing my work <One Second on the Ground> at the newly renovated Wiener Gallery in MIT.

Motherboard wrote up a piece on Fluxa project. Wave Emojis at Your Friends with Velcro LEDs



Interviews on The Art Newspaper 《艺术新闻》 Issue 41. In the era of new media art, who is exploring the future? Who is giving orders?



Taking over MFA for a night! #HeavyPettingZoo with robot cats, interactive visual map, silver maids in the cafe. What will you make out of childhood toys?
Organizing this with crazy folks: Adam Horowitz, Pip Mothersill, Ani Liu, Nicole L’Hillier


Joining MIT Art Scholar Program 2016-2017


Joining Industry Lab Fall Artist in Residence program.  ✌️



Ubicomp Workshop:UnderWare: Aesthetic, Expressive, and Functional On-Skin Technologies
Led by Katia Vega and Cindy Kao, our one-day workshop in Ubicomp 2016 will explore, discuss and envision the future of these on-skin technologies.


 Going to present a new project Fluxa in UIST Demo Session!

Technology + Fashion: Projects for Tomorrow and Today

Joining Technology + Fashion: Projects for Tomorrow and Today panel discussion in Boston Museum of Fine Arts with Sputniko! and members of the techstyle ML group at the MIT Media Lab.


Excited to announce that a collaboration with bionic artist Viktoria Modesta will be on stage at Music Tech Festival in Berlin.

Our press in WIRED:

Our work from Music Tech Festival is turning into a film: Body Hack – a 20-min documentary about #MTFLabs: Body+Performance with Viktoria Modesta by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Sheila Hayman.  It was quite a memory that we literally have iterations of the performance after every single actual show.


Artist talk at ISEA 2016 on my Tear Series


Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.58.08 PM

Project T.A.I: A Tangible AI Interface to Enhance Human-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Communication Beyond the Screen  in Microsoft Research NYC is accepted in DIS 2016.



Glad to present our paper “Wearability Factors for Skin Interfaces” with Katia Vega at the 7th Augmented Human International Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. We got the 2nd Best Paper Award!


My <Tear Set> Installation and digital photo archive <Can You Tear for Me?> will be jointly shown in OCT Contemporary Art Terminal in Shanghai as part of new media group exhibition <The Ballad of Generation> from 2015.12.6 to 2016.2.22.


Selected Press:世代之歌/9035#


Spent ten days in A-Z WS 01 at Wagon Station Encampment.


Featured as an alumni (second-degree) at the 10th anniversary of Information Design Department in the academy of Art&Design, Tsinghua University.



Thanks to SinoVision TV channel for a 20-minite interview about my art and its relationship to technology.
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.41.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.29.10 PM



show-2 (1)


Summer in Microsoft Research NYC.


Jacquard launched officially on Google IO 2015!

I’ve been “super” eager to share this awesome project we’ve been working on since last summer. And now, it is here.



Glad that my thesis work is mentioned in RISD Grad show media post.



RISD Graduate Thesis Show @ Providence, Convention Center



The Energy Propagated  from our data visceralization research group lead by Kelly Dobson is accepted as an artist talk in ISEA 2015! (other contributors: Mengyu Chen, Rebecca Conrad, Samuel Galison, Akiko Hatakeyama and Cho-Tao Huang)



Artist Talk at Anthology 9 @ RISD

Anthology 9 Poster email

Thrilled to announce that I got in MIT Media Lab. Will join Fluid Interface this fall.

My work One Second on the Ground is featured on Vision Magazine, Spring 2015 Issue

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.19.22 PM


I will be one of the recipients in Andrea Zittel’s Wagon Station Residency Program this fall.



On the first day of my twenty-four, I will present my works WONHON, D.U.S.T and One second in the New England Graduate Media Symposium and join the panel discussion about the interaction between gender and technology and its representation through media practice.



Body + Internet Wintersession Workshop Series Final Show will be two simultaneous gallery shows, one in Expose, Providence, and one in Industry Lab, Boston.



My class, Paranoia East, is having its final comic con show in RISD!

Here is the documentation of our students’ projects.



Sun Machine will be part of Synthetic Zero Event.


2015. Jan

Instructor in Body + Internet Wintersession Workshop Series with Jifei Ou and Lily Bui

Internet presentation and physical body are both representations of the individual identity. The conflict and duality of both reach this tense border, where our independent existence is questioned. The class will aim on the blurring overlaps and exchanges between physical and virtual forms, embracing philosophy, speculative design, sci-fi literature, technical development as well as practical industrial perspectives. The exploration will be our fantasy and fear in the virtual-physical future.

With a focus on Internet culture, sensory system exploration, body extensions and alternative, corporal forms of connections, students from MIT, Brown, and RISD will accomplish individual and collaborative works ranging from completely industry facing design concepts to speculative aspects and conceptual art works. The works will culminate in two simultaneous gallery shows, one in Providence, and one in Boston.



Instructor in RISD winter session course with Mo Kong.


Japanese anime always satisfies our wild fantasies and explores the extreme situations when profound contradictions arise between technology, human and nature. This production course introduces students to a rich selection of modern Japanese sci-fi anime works from the 1950s to the present and encourages them to construct their own dream land. Workshops are given for experimenting with digital video editing, creature creation, and semi-functional electronics. Throughout the semester, students will work on a series of projects and a final individual or collaborative work. Artist case studies including Osamu Tesuka, Fujiko Fujio, Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Oshii, Satoshi Kon and Katsuhiro Otomo.


2014. Nov

Nominated by the Chinese consulate in New York for the distinguished overseas student scholarship from Xinjiang

Interned in Google ATAP this summer and still continue working on the project.



I performed in one modern dance work, In Full Flight, with Aerplaye Dance Company in Great Hall, Providence, RI

Director:Heather Ahern


FlexStroke was accepted as a paper+demo work in TEI 2014.



2014 Wintersession

In Human+Computer workshop, I collaborated with  Alice Huang and Daniel Goodman from MIT and the third arm is the our final project.


Featured in Scientific American: 


2014 Wintersession

In the course,The Magic Box, taught by Jane South and Michael, the whole class students collaborated and constructed ballet performance installation for Providence ballet theatre and the premiere is on April 11th.


Not Me was shown in ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT LEDs, Digital+ Media Biennial